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    Belgrade budget revision adopted: More than RSD 170 billion in the budget

    The councillors of the City Assembly of Belgrade voted in favour of 2022 budget revision. The city also formed the company that will take over charging public transport tickets.

    57 councillors of the city assembly voted for the revision of the budget of the City of Belgrade, while 36 were against it.

    The city councillors spent several hours discussing the 2022 budget revision, which is increased by 4.5 percent compared to the previous one and it amounts to close to RSD 154 billion. If 19 billion is added, which will be the budget of the city municipalities after the revision, the City has more than 170 billion dinars.

    Based on the revision, most funds will be used to cover energy costs by the end of the year. RSD 618 million is provided for gas. When we add coal, fuel oil, heating oil, the total amount is RSD 1.07 billion. In the third and fourth quarters of this year, the city will spend more than RSD 8 billion on energy products.

    Municipalities will receive RSD 1.8 billion through the revision, and the money is intended for the payment of old debts.

    The revision provides RSD 1 billion for paving streets. PUC Gradska čistoća will receive RSD 300 million for public lighting.

    The plan is to spend two and a half billion dinars to subsidize the stay of children in private kindergartens. The revision also provides for RSD 1.8 billion for about 400,000 families with children under the age of 18.

    Vouchers worth RSD 6,000 will also be given to all the employees who take care of children: kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers, professors.

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