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    Minister thanks pensioners for “great understanding”

    Minister of Labour, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs of Serbia, Darija Kisic, has said that the state is committed to improving the quality of life of pensioners and their better status.

    In Vrnjacka Banja, at the round table „The position of pensioners in Serbia, increasing pensions“, Kisic thanked pensioners for having great understanding of the various challenges that the state faced, including financial consolidation.

    She recalled that pensions had been increased several times in the past years and one-off assistance was paid to pensioner, and that they would receive nine percent increase on November 1.

    Kisic stressed the importance of the stability of the pension system, adding that pensions were paid this year for seven months without any payments from the state budget.

    „This is an excellent indicator of the good functioning of the state, because for the first time since the establishment of the pension fund, pensions for the category of employees, which are the most numerous and make up 85 percent of the total number of pensioners, are paid from the original income of that fund,“ the minister said.

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