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    Belgrade budget of RSD 205.5 bn adopted

    The members of the Belgrade City Assembly have adopted the budget for 2023 in the total amount of RSD 205.5 billion, of which the City’s budget amounts to 188.7 billion, while RSD 16.7 billion is allocated for the budgets of the city’s municipalities.

    The total volume of funds was increased by 28.25 percent, i.e. by more than RSD 45 billion (45,197,383,149) compared to the volume of funds determined by the initial decision for 2022.

    When it comes to urbanism and spatial planning, funds were allocated in the total amount of over ten billion dinars (10,400,422,264).

    The most significant investments within that program are related to the preparation and equipping of the Makisko polje location and the acquisition of development land for communal infrastructure for the needs of the metro system, as well as for the development of detailed regulation plans, construction of apartments, landscaping of public areas…

    Funds in the total amount of RSD 19.8 billion (19,801,348,270) were earmarked for the program of communal activities, and some of the most significant projects are the construction project of the regional water supply „Makis-Mladenovac“, Line Park in Belgrade…

    For the area of environmental protection, the budget for next year provides for more than eight billion dinars (8,067,055,544), which will be used for the maintenance and construction of the sewage network, waste and wastewater management, costs of connection to district heating…

    When it comes to traffic organization and traffic infrastructure, the amount of more than RSD 80 billion (80,157,739,50) was allocated.

    The highest funds within that program are planned for the financing of public urban and suburban passenger transportation services, as well as for the financing of ongoing maintenance of roads under the jurisdiction of the public company Putevi Beograda.

    Funds in the total amount of RSD 29.8 billion (29,858,064,955) were earmarked for preschool, primary and secondary education, while the amount of more than RSD 6 billion (6,222,174,616) was earmarked for the social and child welfare program.

    About RSD 7.4 billion (7,451,020,233) was earmarked for the development of culture, while more than two billion dinars (2,303,828,550) were earmarked for the development of sports and youth.

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