Batajnica loop: President claims ahead of schedule and for LESS MONEY (PHOTO)

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    Batajnica loop: President claims ahead of schedule and for LESS MONEY (PHOTO)

    The Batajnica loop, in total length of 3.5 kilometres, which represents a direct exit to the E-75 highway and a connection to the old Novi Sad road has been opened for traffic in Belgrade today.

    It will also connect the future Batajnica Boulevard and the logistics centre for intermodal transport with the E-75 highway.

    The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, said that 3.5 kilometres of road were built for EUR 8.8 million, and EUR 9.6 million were the agreed price.

    “We managed to do something ahead of schedule and for less money for the first time, due to the work of the supervisory body and fairness of the contractor, the company “Strabag”, and the entire road structure has all permits,” he said at the opening of the traffic loop.

    The loop will enable the connection of Batajnica with the traffic bypass around Belgrade, thus it will decrease driving time of people living in Batajnica, Ugrinovci, Busija, Nova Pazova, Zemun Polje and make travel easier wherever they go, it was stated at the opening of the loop.

    Vucic also expressed gratitude to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the favourable financial arrangement for the construction of Batajnica loop.

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