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    Air Serbia to fly to China as of October, and to Chicago as of next year

    Air Serbia has decided to expand its wide-body aircraft fleet with another Airbus A330 aircraft. From October the company starts flying to China, and from next spring to Chicago with the additional rental of another Airbus A320.

    This was confirmed for the Tango Six portal by Air Serbia’s CEO Jiri Marek, who announced that negotiations and the procurement process related to the lease of another aircraft were underway.

    „The plane is planned to arrive in Serbia in October this year, and to be used in traffic soon after,“ Marek said.

    He stated that the new Airbus A330 would be used to establish traffic to China, depending on obtaining all the necessary permits, but it would also serve for flights to major European destinations where there was greater demand.

    From the spring of 2023, the new aircraft would be used for flights to Chicago, as well as for the long-awaited seventh weekly flight to New York over the summer, which was physically not feasible with just one wide-body aircraft in the fleet.

    „Air Serbia planned to launch flights to Chicago this summer, but this idea was abandoned due to market uncertainty,“ Marek said.

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