Bajatovic issues statement: Find out whether Bulgarians will stop gas transit

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    Bajatovic issues statement: Find out whether Bulgarians will stop gas transit

    It is unlikely that Bulgaria will stop transit, i.e. gas flow through the Balkan Stream gas pipeline, said Srbijagas’s CEO, Dusan Bajatovic.

    “Realistically, there is great fear of gas supply disruptions, but I do not think that Bulgaria will stop the transport of this energy product through the Balkan Stream gas pipeline, because gas is a mercantile exchange commodity, it has the value of money and compensation is possible,” Bajatovic told Happy TV, commenting on the possibility of Bulgaria disrupting gas supply.

    Energy expert of the Bulgarian NGO Center for the Study of Democracy, Martin Vladimirov, has said his country has the right to suspend the transport of Russian natural gas if it does not receive due payments under the agreement (in dollars), based on which the deadline for the payment of gas transport through Bulgaria expires next week.

    Russian Ambassador to Sofia, Eleonora Mitrofanova, said that Bulgaria was among 48 countries on the list of Moscow’s enemy countries, which meant that instead of dollars, “all the payments to Bulgaria would be done in rubles”, which decreased in value on international foreign exchange markets.

    “Someone released the news to cause panic”

    Bajatovic did not rule out the possibility of a technical failure of the gas pipeline, which could possibly stop the gas supply to Bulgaria, but he considered it unlikely.

    He added that the news about the possibility that Bulgaria might ban gas transit through its country via the Balkan Stream gas pipeline “was released by someone to create panic”.

    Enough gas until the end of the heating season

    Bajatovic said that Serbia had enough gas by the end of the heating season and that it was paying for it in euros, and that Europe could not do without Russian gas and raw materials.

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