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    As of today in schools in Serbia: Everybody to wear face masks ALL THE TIME

    Due to the worsening of the epidemiological situation, as of today, students should wear face masks all the time during their stay in school, as recommended by the Team for the monitoring and coordination of the implementation of preventive measures in schools, established by the Crisis Staff.

    Students who cannot wear masks due to health reasons will be exempt, but this requires the opinion of a specialist doctor.

    Exceptionally, when a student cannot wear a mask due to contraindications caused by health reasons, confirmed by the expert opinion of a specialist doctor in the appropriate branch of medicine, it is necessary to organise work so that this student stays in school without a mask, and it is necessary to increase the distance with other students and employees and strengthen the implementation of all the protective measures (hand disinfection, cleaning and disinfection of teaching tools and space), according to the Team for Schools.

    Having in mind the dominant transmission of the delta strain, which can cause covid disease even in individuals who were vaccinated or have already had it, the Team adopted a decision that protective masks should be mandatory for all employees, including those who have been fully vaccinated and those who have had coronavirus.

    As a reminder, the Instruction sent by the Ministry of Education to schools prior to the beginning of the school year stated that masks did not have to be worn by fully vaccinated teachers, except when approaching students or colleagues by less than one meter.

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