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    Vucic cannot believe that some people believe that chips are injected with vaccines

    President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, says that he does not know which new measures against the coronavirus will be adopted, because, as he says, Serbia has to live and he once again appealed to the citizens to get vaccinated.

    Vucic told reporters in Belgrade that he could not believe that in the 21st century he heard narratives that chips or magnets were implanted to those who were vaccinated, as if it was „the 16th century“.

    He also said that the death of each person caused by the coronavirus was a great and irreparable loss for Serbia.

    It is irreparable, all the money we spend is recoverable, but we cannot compensate for any human life,“ he said.

    Vucic also said that the only thing left for the authorities to do was to appeal to people to get vaccinated.

    „I do not know which measures we will take, because we have to live, people are fed up with everything, but it does not matter what people think – ultimately, it is not the job of the state to appease people when it comes to disease, but its job is to provide the least painful path through the pandemic and to ensure treatment,“ he said.

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