Fiat's workers after the meeting: If BLOCKADE-related requests are not fulfilled

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    Fiat’s workers after the meeting: If BLOCKADE-related requests are not fulfilled

    Fiat’s workers and the representatives of the Government of Serbia have agreed at the meeting that a social program will be established and that no one will be dismissed, and that no one should sign anything until the social program, as Fiat’s worker Djordje Milojevic announced after the meeting.

    “We will stop with the gatherings, we will see what the social program will be like, and if we are not satisfied we will request its change. If they do not listen to us, we will go out on the streets again. The government is our guarantor that no worker will be dismissed, they will have either a social program or another job, perhaps in Fiat for a new model. No one should sign anything, there will be a social program,” the media cited Milojevic.

    The social program will be proposed by the end of May, according to the workers, who were thus informed by Labor Minister Darija Kisic Tepavcevic, and the workers will then state if they want to accept it.

    “Workers who want to stay in the factory until the beginning of the new model production want to have the same income of 65% of the salary, and the second request is to create a program for people who want to leave. And the third variant is for those who want to go abroad. Nothing should be done forcefully; they wanted to force us to sign. Everyone is confused, nobody knew what this was all about, even the state said they did not know. The mayor is also confused, everything is a done deal, we have to sign by Friday,” said Fiat’s employee Djordje Milojevic.

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