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    Applications for Delta Business Incubator as of April

    Applications for Delta’s program for the support to start-up ideas in the domain of logistics, distribution, real estate and agriculture will be opened this year in early April. The interested start-up teams will be able to apply via this website, it was announced today.

    Delta Business Incubator is a three-month program that helps start-ups in the domain of real estate, agriculture, logistics or distribution to launch, develop and improve their product or service with the support of Delta’s resources: knowledge, mentoring, finances and business contacts.

    Project Manager of Delta Business Incubator, Nadica Milanovic, has said that Delta Business Incubator „is a program through which we give an opportunity to start-up teams to develop their entrepreneurial idea during the incubation period, through which experts of Delta Holding lead them with their knowledge and advice.

    Furthermore, the program gives them an opportunity to test their business idea within our Company. We believe that it is important to support people with entrepreneurial spirit with innovative ideas who, apart from improving the economy of Serbia with their business operation, also encourage and motivate others to implement their ideas,“ Milanovic said.

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