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    Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction and Legalisation of Buildings have been adopted

    Today, the Parliament of Serbia adopted amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction, aimed at enabling the continuation of reforms in the field of construction and more efficient implementation of the unified procedure in the area of ​​spatial plans, that is, the implementation of the e-space reform. The law stipulates that the deadlines for the preparation of planning documents should be decreased to a maximum of 12 months, from the current 18 months, and sometimes even several years.

    The amendments to the Law will enable the General Regulation Plan to be applied directly and all the planning documents to be publicly available in the Central Register of Planning Documents.

    A shorter procedure is also planned for amending the planning documents, which will last up to six months, the validity of the location requirements will be extended from 12 to 24 months, and there will be a possibility of phase construction.

    The Parliament also adopted amendments to the Law on the Legalisation of Buildings, introducing a new tool that will be available to everyone who enforces this law, enabling easier and faster adoption and implementation of the decisions on the demolition of illegal buildings.

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