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    goran vesić

    „Although price per square meter is higher, property tax will not be increased“

    The property tax for 2022 will not be increased, said Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic.

    According to Vesic, this is the most important decision of the session of the Belgrade City Assembly, which is scheduled for Monday.

    „Regardless of the fact that the average price per square meter has increased, and accordingly the tax should follow the increase of that price, based on the decision we will make at the upcoming session of the City Assembly, we will stipulate that the tax for 2022 will not increase, so no one will pay a higher tax by a single dinar than they paid this year,“ said Vesic, as reported by Beoinfo.

    As he added, in some parts of the city, where the price per square meter is lower, the tax will even drop.

    A decision on public bicycles will also be made at the session

    In addition, Vesic said that a decision would be made that would enable the tender for public bicycles to be completed.

    „I hope that we will have the first 150 stations for public bicycles in the spring,“ Vesic added.

    He stated that the agenda of the session would also include decisions whereby a dozen streets in the capital would be given new names.

    „We will have the streets named Kneza Pavla Karadjordjevica, Princeze Olivere, Vladete Jerotica… We will thus continue our policy that people who are important for the development of our society should have streets named after them,“ said Vesic.

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