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    Air Serbia

    Air Serbia’s biggest cabin crew competition: Hundreds of candidates

    Serbia’s national airline, Air Serbia, has announced that so far several hundred candidates have applied for the biggest competition for the employment of new cabin crew members in the company in the last five years.

    It is recalled that the Air Serbia competition is open until Friday, February 24, and due to the large number of interested candidates who call the company in connection with the competition, the company has posted a direct link on the main page of the portal that leads to the application form.

    “The expansion of our network of destinations and the expansion of our fleet opens up opportunities for the admission of new members of our team. Judging from previous experiences, the largest number of applications to the competition comes in the last few days, which again proved to be true,“ said Air Serbia’s Human Resources Director Milica Netkovic, who called on those interested to apply.

    All citizens of Serbia who, at the time of submission of the application, are 18 years old or older, have at least a high school diploma and are fluent in English are entitled to apply.  

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