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    AIK Bank buys Sberbank Serbia

    AIK Bank has signed a purchase agreement on the takeover of Sberbank Serbia, as part of expanding the operations of its banking group to six markets.

    This transaction is part of a joint agreement signed between Sberbank Europe and AIK Bank, Gorenjska Banka based in Kranj and AEC Ltd. on the purchase of Sberbank subsidiaries in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary whose total assets amount to EUR 7,329 billion.

    Chairperson of the Executive Board of AIK Bank Jelena Galic has said that, after the successful takeover of Alfa Bank in Serbia and Gorenjska Banka in Slovenia, this acquisition represents another extremely important step in the further development of AIK Bank, but also a kind of confirmation of its previous business.

    „Strengthening presence in the countries in which we already operate, but also expanding the business of our banking group to new markets, is in line with our strategic commitment to positioning ourselves as one of the leading banking groups in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to business growth, our primary goal remains to provide clients, both existing and new, with the highest quality customer experience through innovative and modern banking products created in accordance with their real needs,“ said Galic.

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