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    ABL Solvent buys IMT Business Complex in Novi Beograd for RSD 8.2 billion

    The company ABL Solvent doo in Belgrade has bought a business complex in Zemunska Street in Novi Beograd for RSD 8.3 billion (EUR 70.7 million).

    As announced by the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency, the commercial property was sold at the initial price, and the part of the complex that was sold consists of 25 registered buildings, with a use permit, as well as 30 registered buildings without a building permit. Furthermore, 22 unregistered facilities were sold.

    A new residential and business complex is planned to be built in the area occupied by Industrija masina i traktora (IMT) in Novi Beograd.

    As envisaged by the first phase of the draft detailed regulation plan of the area between Jurija Gagarina and Zemunska streets, which was made public by the Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction, the construction of more than 5,000 apartments is planned on about 47.8 ha, as well as several preschool institutions, two primary schools, and about 150,000 m2 of the gross building area containing commercial facilities.

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