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    A profile of „digital worker“ in Serbia

    „Digital worker“ in Serbia is usually a man aged between 26 and 35, has higher education, mainly provides software and services in the field of creative industry and multimedia work. As a rule, he finds job by himself, through the global platform on which he is registered. His average monthly salary is less than US$1,000, although there are also those who earn around US$4,000.

    According to the „Politika“ daily, this is, in short, the profile of „digital worker“ in Serbia, created by the poll of the Public Policy Research Centre, in which 228 men and women took part during July and August. Men and Women were evenly distributed in the survey sample. They themselves are in charge of payment of contributions.

    The most common work platforms among the surveyed workers are „Upwork“, „Freelancer“, „Bibo Global Opportunity“, etc. Centre’s research has also revealed that a quarter of online workers work on two or more platforms, while majority finds jobs just via one platform.

    According to data of the World Bank, in 2015 Serbia positioned itself in the 25th place as the source of the labour force on the digital labour market, while the latest data from the Oxford University shows that we have entered the top 20 countries of the world.

    Izvor: Politika

    Foto: Pixabay

    Piše: B.M.

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