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    A PRETTY PENNY: A shop of 17 square metres in Novi Pazar sold for EUR 133,000 EUR

    A shop owned by the City of Novi Pazar at 28. Novembra Street, which currently houses a fast-food restaurant, was sold at a public auction for EUR 133,980, „Sto Plus“ radio has learned.

    The 17.4-square-metre facility was bought by Nedzad H. from Novi Pazar, who was the only one to bid 10 percent higher price than the initial EUR 121,800.

    Six buyers applied for the public bidding of the local self-government for the sale of that facility, but five participated in the auction because the commission rejected the application of one interested party as incomplete.

    At the beginning of June, the local self-government announced the sale of several more facilities and premises in the city centre at a starting price of nearly EUR 3.2 million, but according to the information of „Sto Plus“ radio, no one applied for their purchase.

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