Military Union: Almost 10,000 professionals LEFT the army in five years

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    Military Union: Almost 10,000 professionals LEFT the army in five years

    Serbian Military Union has warned that “due to poor conditions”, “close to 10,000 trained professionals” have left the Serbian Army in the past five years, and the state of army’s operational task force, when it comes to human resources, ” is far from what military officials show “.

    In a statement on the occasion of the meeting of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic with the Minister of Defence, Nebojsa Stefanovic and the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Army, Milan Mojsilovic, the Military Trade Union stated that they welcome any form of modernization of the army but added they would be “happier” if Vucic said investments in army’s human resources would be a priority in the coming period.

    “For years we have been appealing to the need to change the attitude of state as an employer towards professional members of the Serbian Army, but instead of discussing the improvement of conditions with representatives of Serbian soldiers, they are being harassed and labelled as enemies of state, which is absurd,” the statement said.

    It is estimated that the “human resource” of Serbian Armed Forces was “completely devastated and demoralized” in previous years, and that today it is “in such a state that it seriously endangers operational activities of the Serbian Army and its basic constitutional role.”

    “It must be clear to the Serbian public, and especially to state authorities, that planes, tanks and all other war equipment have no purpose without people,” the military union stated, urging the Serbian president to respond to their call for discussion, so he could hear what priority needs are from “those who constitute an army.”

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