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    A new highway EASED THE BURDEN on the main road, all that remains is for trucks NOT to AVOID tolls

    Since the opening of „Milos the Great“ highway last week, more than 100,000 vehicles have already passed the section from Obrenovac to Preljina. This significantly reduced traffic on the Ibar Highway and further relief is expected once the entire freight traffic from main roads is transferred to the highway. Public enterprise „Putevi Srbije“ state that more than 70,000 vehicles joined the newly opened section of the highway in the first five days alone, while a total of 32,000 vehicles used the Ibar Highway, measured from the Lipovica Forest to Preljina, i.e. around 7,300 vehicles a day. Therefore, a decrease in traffic congestion at the Ibar Highway is already evident, and the highway can completely take over the transit traffic unless trucks avoid paying tolls. „I do not believe that it will be used in its full capacity. I am sure that a number of vehicles will look to avoid that highway, but that is why there are solutions and I think they have to be directed to the highway,“ Milan Bozovic of the Committee for Traffic Safety emphasizes. Once all six toll ramps are in operation at Preljina Toll Station, waiting time will be reduced significantly as well.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Predsedništvo Srbije

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