60,000 THIRD DOSES given in Serbia - citizens pick Pfizer or Sputnik V

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    60,000 THIRD DOSES given in Serbia – citizens pick Pfizer or Sputnik V

    The director of the Savski Venac Health Centre and the coordinator of the vaccination point at the Belgrade Fair, Zoran Bekic, announced that more than 59,000 citizens received the third dose of the vaccine against the coronavirus.

    “Three days ago, we applied a total of 10,300 doses in Serbia, on the next day approximately 29,000, and yesterday there were more than 59,000,” Bekic said for Prva TV.

    According to him, the citizens mostly opt for ‘Pfizer’, (out of approximately 3,000 third doses given at the fair, about 1,700 are Pfizer vaccines), and Sputnik V – about 1,300.

    He reiterated that all citizens, during the examination at the vaccination point, can choose which third dose of the vaccine they want to receive.

    “It is recommended that we get the vaccine we received during the first two applications. If we did not have coronavirus, it means that it is effective. But of course, everyone has the opportunity to choose for themselves”, Bekic said.

    According to him, although there is an increased interest of citizens for the third dose o, there are no crowds or queues at the fair.

    He added that a total of 5.7 million doses of vaccines were given in Serbia by Tuesday, of which 2.9 million were the first dose.

    Izvor: Beta, Prva

    Foto: Beta/Darko Vojinović

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