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    Miloš Veliki, auto put (Beta)

    10 villages protest against expropriation on Corridor 11

    Locals from 10 villages around Cacak and Lucane have announced that they will start protests in front of the Higher Court in Cacak from Wednesday, February 1, because they are dissatisfied with the price that the state offers them for the land taken away for the construction of the Preljina-Pozega highway.

    Resident of the village of Pakovrace, Milojko Cosic, has told the Beta agency that the state pays them for the confiscated land as agricultural land, which is a much lower price than if it had been assessed as development land, which they demand.

    „For the confiscated land, the state offers us RSD 200 per square meter, which is unacceptable for us. That is why we will start protests in front of the Higher Court in Cacak on Wednesday and we will protest every day, from noon to 2 p.m., until our demands are met,“ Cosic said.

    He added that the protest was announced by the villagers of the villages of Pakovrace, Prijevor, Trbusani, Vranici, Rakova, Rtari, Markovica, Negrisori, Krstac and Lisice.

    He blocked works himself

    Fifteen days ago, Cosic blocked the works on the construction of the section of the highway through Pakovrace by himself because he was the only resident of that village who was not paid for the house that was taken away from him for the construction of that road.

    After three days of blockade, he was visited by director of the Public Enterprise Putevi Srbije, Zoran Drobnjak, who promised that he would be pad for his house in two days, after which Cosic stopped the blockade, and Drobnjak’s promise was fulfilled.

    „They have not yet paid me for the auxiliary facilities that were also confiscated in the expropriation process, but they announced that this payment would be maid in 20 days. If that does not happen, I will continue the blockade,“ Cosic said.

    Last year, the locals of Pakovrace blocked works on the construction of the Preljina-Pozega highway for three months because they were not paid for the property confiscated more than three years ago for the construction of that road.

    The blockade was terminated after an agreement with director of Putevi Srbije that they will be paid part of the money for the confiscated property, and the rest after the completed court proceedings, which the locals have been conducting for three years at the competent courts because they are dissatisfied with the offered price.

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