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    Zastava’s former engineers DESIGN an electric car and they have an INVESTOR

    The Zastava Expert Team (ETZ) from Kragujevac is preparing project documentation for the production of electric vehicles on the platform of an existing model. The team is made up of Zastava’s former engineers and professors of the Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Technology in Belgrade, at the initiative of a foreign investor who is ready to finance the development of the project and the prototype of an electric vehicle to be manufactured in Serbia. A member of the expert team, Zoran Radojevic, has confirmed for FoNet that the team was formed and that organizational preparation for the drafting of project documentation has begun, adding that „everything else is in the consultation phase“. „Our experts have the knowledge and experience in car manufacturing. They are recognized by the people involved in the development of the automotive industry and Serbia needs to take advantage of that potential,“ Radojevic said. He recalled that in 2010, ETZ made a prototype of a model with an electric 20 kW engine based on the Zastava 10 car platform, which reached the speed of 120 km/h and one battery charge enabled the car to travel 100 km.

    Izvor: N1, FoNet

    Foto: Pixabay, ilustracija

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