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    Workers of Serbian Fiat CONCERNED

    The workers of Fiat inKragujevac are very worried after they found out from certain media that themanagement of the company would soon ask the competent ministry for theapproval of additional 95 days of paid leave, in addition to the statutory 45days, the Beta agency was told by the autonomous trade union of that factory.President of that trade union, Zoran Markovic, says that he was not informedabout that, but that the employees became concerned when they learned about itfrom the media. „We believe that we should be informed about this by FCAor the state of Serbia, which owns 33% of the capital,“ Markovic said.According to him, the workers are concerned because they are not familiar withthe future of production in the Fiat factory in Kragujevac, since 30 days ofpaid leave have already been used since the beginning of this year.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: screenshot

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