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    Workers at FCA having major concerns: More than 130 NON-WORKING DAYS this year

    Workers at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles plant (FCA) Serbia have returned to the plant today to resume the production of „500L“ vehicle, following a break that lasted for six days, and there will be more non-working days by the end of 2019, „Beta“ agency received information from plant’s Trade Union. The President of the Independent Trade Union, Zoran Markovic has said workers will finish 2019 with more than 130 non-working days in total. Markovic has said that a new longer break is expected in mid-December, as according to practice from previous years, starting from 2010, FCA workers do not work from Saint Nicholas, December 19th, to New Year’s Eve. According to Markovic, the reason for paid absences is always the same, i.e. adjustments between the production and demand, as company does not want to produce „stock“ vehicles. „Yes, there are major concerns among workers due to frequent interruptions, but we are hopeful of the announced fusion between the FCA and PSA. We expect that what is announced globally is respected, i.e. plants would remain operational and workers would not be discharged. We are expecting of the unification of car giants, i.e. production, to have a positive impact on the business future of Kragujevac based plant and better capacity utilization,“ Markovic has said.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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