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    A paradox of a town in Vojvodina: Citizens are LEAVING, demand for apartments is INCREASING

    Sombor is a town where earnings are lower than Vojvodina’s average, a town from which people leave searching for a job and a town in which there are no new investments. However, demand for new apartments is growing, and investors say that their business is doing better than it was several years ago. Buildings ready for new tenants, buildings under construction, prepared plots for the construction or houses that are demolished in order to clear the terrain for new buildings – this is the picture of Sombor in recent years. Judging by this, there are those in Sombor who have the money to buy real estate. Investors’ estimates are that around 200 new apartments are sold in Sombor a year. „There is increasing demand for new apartments. People from the countryside are coming and buying new apartments. Compared to two or three years before, the demand has doubled,“ an investor Dragan Lukic says. Flats are bought by those whom this is their first real estate, as well as those moving from the old apartments to new, as costs, heating primarily, are lower. Majority of apartments are sold using housing loans, and estimates show that demand for new apartments will remain in the following years as well. „For sure in the next two years and afterwards we will see,“ Maja Selak says. „People who work in state-owned enterprises obtain loans without difficulties,“ Dragan Lukic says. The square metre of a new apartment is EUR 680, VAT included, and many buyers use the benefit of VAT return. Buyers of the first real estate are entitled to this return, which is 10 percent.

    Izvor: RTV

    Foto: Pixabay

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