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    Who EARNS FOR A LIVING from writing today? The writer is LOOKING FOR A JOB of a cleaner

    Writer Dragoslava Barzut has published an advertisement in which she offers apartment cleaning services, in order to manage the completion of her book.

    „My ad was not a call for mercy and charity, nor it is my desire to present myself as a victim, it is an appeal of solidarity and empathy that our society lacks, and my attempt to say some important things about the precarious work of women and the position of writers in Serbia“, Barzut explains for the Danas daily.

    Her post on Twitter: „People, if you need to clean your apartment or office, take me. I can do it well (with environmental cleaning detergents). And you will help me finish a new collection of stories I am writing „- has provoked numerous comments and attracted the attention of the media.

    Dragoslava replies that she does not want the „media to exploit her and extract all the potential of the victim“ from her ad, but to point out what she wrote about in her books and what she advocated throughout her career – precarious work of women, inequality and lack of solidarity.

    Dragoslava Barzut is a writer, feminist, fighter for women’s rights and rights of the LGBT population. She is the author of the collection of stories „Golden Bullet“ (2012) and the novel „Paper Disco Balls“ (2017). She also prepared „Decent Life“, a collection of lesbian short stories from the former Yugoslavia.

    She received the „Andjelka Milić“ award for the novel, and she was awarded for stories, as well as for her activist work.

    Izvor: Danas

    Foto: screenshot

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