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    Where does the money collected by selling plastic bags go?

    Minister of Environmental Protection Goran Trivan says that trade chains should say what they will do with the money earned from the sale of plastic bags.

    When asked why not a single penny from the sale of plastic bags went to environmental funds, Trivan told Prva TV that this is a question for trade chains.

    „That is the money they earn and they have no obligation to pay anything to the funds and I think that it is an excellent campaign and I think it should continue. I was not in favour of bags costing RSD 2, I thought they should be more expensive. Bags and PET packaging dramatically pollute the environment. No price is high enough for preventing it,“ he said.

    Trivan adds that some of them, especially the association of domestic trade chains, have said that they have their own fund in which they collect all the money earned from the sale of bags and that they will invest it in something that concerns the environment.

    „I think that is totally cool,“ Trivan said. He pointed out that the state must have more money.

    Izvor: TV PRVA/B92

    Foto: Beta

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