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    When they “smooth things over” like this, fuel does not seem so expensive to us

    In terms of the average price of gasoline BMB 95, Serbia is ranked sixth in the region, because the price of a litre is EUR 1.319, while in terms of average prices of diesel, it is ranked 4th, because a litre costs EUR 1.415, the Association of Petroleum Companies of Serbia (UNKS) announced.

    As it is stated, Greece, Croatia, Albania and Montenegro have more expensive gasoline BMB 95 than Serbia, while this fuel is cheaper in Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Bulgaria.

    Diesel is cheaper in Slovenia, Montenegro, Romania, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Macedonia than in Serbia, and it is more expensive in Albania, Greece and Croatia.

    The trend of Brent oil price growth, which was established on August 15, according to UNKS, stopped on October 3, and in the previous month and a half, that oil went up by 22% and a barrel cost US$86.29 on 29 September, which is the highest price in the last four years.

    It is added that before the entry into force of full US sanctions against Iran, no one is certain whether the global supply will be able to satisfy the current demand for „black gold“, which is why this week is marked by great price fluctuations.

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