What does Serbian Fiat expect from GREAT MERGER?

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    What does Serbian Fiat expect from GREAT MERGER?

    The Independent Trade Union of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA) factory, which produces Fiat 500L, expects improvement and positive changes due to the merger of the FCA and Peugeot-Citroen-Opel (PSA) groups.

    For the Beta agency, president of the FCA trade union in Kragujevac, Sasa Djordjevic, has said that the merger of two large international companies into a single even bigger one, also multinational, means the expansion of the market for product distribution on several continents.

    “Workers of the factory in Kragujevac, which will be part of that multinational company, expect an increase in production, the arrival of a new model, higher employment and higher salaries,” said Djordjevic.

    According to him, the merger should bring the arrival of new subcontractors and the opening of factories in Kragujevac, as well as elsewhere in Serbia.

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