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    What are the problems of the citizens of Belgrade? A poll has showed that they have two enormous problems

    A poll by the Center for Local Self-Government (CLS), conducted through the organization’s website from May 25 to May 31, according to preliminary conclusions, shows that Belgrade’s residents complain most about the problems related to traffic and pollution, according to the press release.

    „In terms of traffic, citizens have the most complaints about public transport, average speed, traffic jams and (in)ability to park, while in terms of pollution, they are most bothered by air quality,“ according to the CLS press release.

    As they point out, a large number of complaints by the respondents in the poll are related both to the work of the city administration and the degree of corruption among city authorities.

    The Center for Local Self-Government will present the definitive results of the poll and experts’ recommendations related to it on Friday 10 June at 11 am in the Media Center (Terazije 3), and the entrance is free of charge.

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    Foto: Beta/Milos Miskov

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