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    Were 250,000 bombs resold and if so by whom?

    “Vojni sindikat Srbije” requests of the Ministry of Defence to answer whether it is true that last year decision was made to sell 250,000 hand grenades to “Jugoimport SDPR” from warehouses of the Serbian Army at a price of US$3.3 per piece, and whether the same hand grenades were then resold to Saudi Arabia for US$18 per grenade.

    Trade Union also begs the question whether it is true that Ministry did this at the insistence of the Assistant Minister of Defence in charge of Material Resources Nenad Miloradovic, in a way that it made a decision to remove those hand grenades from inventory, even though they were fully operational.

    Is it true that “Jugoimport SDPR” just resold those hand grenades in original condition to private enterprises from Belgrade, “Partizan Tech” and “Tehnoglobal Systems” at a twice higher price, and then those same grenades were sold to Saudi Arabia at a price of US$18 a piece, which in total amounts to around US$4.5 million, Trade Union begs the question.

    Questions were also raised about the identity of end buyer, and whether and to what extent the possibility of armament of terrorists with hand grenades from Serbian Army is excluded, since Russian and Syrian forces confiscated certain amount of weaponry from Serbia during their fights against ISIS in Syria and that Saudi Arabia was also accused of supplying terrorists.

    Who is responsible for damaging Army by around US$3.7 million, which is the price difference, “Vojni sindikat Srbije” asks, as well as what happened to the money from the above mentioned sale.

    Izvor: Danas, FoNet

    Foto: Pixabay

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