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    „We are the BEST, next year we will increase salaries and pensions“

    The Serbian Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, has announced an increase in salaries, pensions and the minimum wage.

    State reacted to the pandemic in the right way, we were looking to help the private sector. We have space in the budget to increase salaries and pensions, which will increase by 5.9 percent next year, and there will be increases in the public sector, and an increase in the minimum wage, said Mali in the TV show „Usijanje dana“, aired on Kurir TV station.

    „We will have the biggest growth and the smallest decline, and I am not saying that, but the international institutions. We will have a bigger budget for capital investments like never before, and that is the right strategy that enables high growth rates. For the following year we predict a GBP growth of 6 percent, we will have deficit under control, as well as macroeconomic stability.“

    When you prove to be more stable during the crisis, then you become more attractive for investments, and we will have money in the budget next year for incentives, claims Mali, adding that the strategy of reindustrialization continues.

    Izvor: Novosti, Kurir

    Foto: Beta

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