Warning: Serbia is stagnating in the fight against corruption

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    Warning: Serbia is stagnating in the fight against corruption

    There is no visible progress in the fight against corruption in Serbia because the state is not taking sufficient measures to bring about a change in the system in which corruption is deeply rooted, said a member of the Serbian Government’s Anti-Corruption Council, Jelisaveta Vasilic.

    As it is published on the website of the Council (antikorupcija-savet.gov.rs), she points out that successful fight against corruption can only be implemented “if there is, primarily, fight for laws that will not be adopted urgently without a public expert debate, which will not be copied from previous versions, but reflect the time, situation and spirit of our society, which will include the prescribed rights, but also obligations, control, responsibilities and sanctions, i.e. anti-corruption provisions”.

    “Successful fight against corruption is a struggle for recovery and strengthening of institutions, both economic and state and political institutions, which will not depend on the will and orders of a small circle of persons from the ruling establishment. The most important thing is to create and strengthen the independence of judicial institutions, because without an independent, successfully organized and professional and high-quality judicial system, there is no fight against corruption,” Vasilic said.

    She added that “the fight against corruption represents strengthening the system of expert public in law adoption, reducing the role of government in all segments of society, while increasing the control over the work of all state and political institutions, and reducing discretionary powers and introducing obligatory reporting of public servants about their work.

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