Vesic: PRICE of the line park only AFTER THE TENDER

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    Vesic: PRICE of the line park only AFTER THE TENDER

    The price of soft landscaping and equipping the line park will be known only after the tender is completed, said deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic.

    “The approximate price of the line park is 55 million euros, but the final price will be determined only when the tender, which we expect a large number of investors to apply to, is completed, and those who offer the lowest price will be selected,” Vesic told Beta regarding the objection that the price of 55 million euros was determined without transparency.

    According to Vesic, the detailed land use plan for the line park, which will stretch along the former railway from Beton hala and Branko’s Bridge to Pancevo Bridge, will be released in July, and the works should start in October or November this year.

    “55 local, mostly young architects worked on the conceptual designs of the most beautiful park in Belgrade, and for them this will be a reference for new jobs in the world,” said Vesic.

    He added that the line park covering about 66 hectares would be about five kilometres long and that 5,000 new trees would be planted.

    Izvor: Beta

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