Train on Novi Sad - Belgrade route goes faster than 200 km/h

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    Train on Novi Sad – Belgrade route goes faster than 200 km/h

    The train with measuring wagons of the German Railways for testing the high-speed railway from Novi Sad to Belgrade reached a speed of 201.5 kilometres per hour, it was said by the company Infrastrukture železnice Srbije.

    The train reached that speed on Friday afternoon, as they say, without any difficulties in functioning or traffic.

    For the first time, the speed of 200 kilometres per hour was achieved during the test train trip on the section of the high-speed railway between Stara Pazova and Nova Pazova.

    On that occasion, the speedometer in a special locomotive that arrived from Germany for the purpose of testing the railway recorded a maximum speed of 201.5 kilometres per hour.

    Testing is proceeding according to the established dynamics and it will continue in the upcoming days. The train of the German Railways performs a number of trips every day.

    Dynamic testing on the railway for speeds of up to 200 km per hour from Belgrade to Novi Sad began on January 17, and a day later a special measuring wagon of the German Railways Deutsche Bahn Systemtechnik arrived, as this company was hired to carry out this work.

    The testing of the high-speed railway is performed in phases and in sections along the entire high-speed railway, and this phase of testing is planned to last until February 4.

    Tests are performed daily from 7 am to 5 pm, i.e. in daytime, and under the conditions of complete suspension of railway traffic on the Belgrade – Stara Pazova – Novi Sad railway.

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