Trade Union "Fiat Plastika" REPORTED employer to the LABOUR INSPECTION

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    Trade Union “Fiat Plastika” REPORTED employer to the LABOUR INSPECTION

    The independent union of the Kragujevac based factory “Fiat Plastika”, which manufactures bumpers for the Fiat 500L vehicle, announced today that it had filed a report with the labour inspection against the employer, who had not submitted the Factory Act for more than two months.

    The union said that it was a “major violation” of the law, since Fiat, according to the Labour Law, was obliged to submit the Factory Act within eight days.

    The union expects the labour inspection to visit the factory and react with the document submission order otherwise a lawsuit will be filed against the employer in court.

    The secretary of the union, Bojan Bozovic, stated with the Beta agency that the employer unilaterally adopted the Factory Act in the second half of December, when the employees were on a collective vacation.

    The union believes that workers were punished by salary decreased, according to that Factory Act, since the union refused to sign the Collective Agreement, not agreeing to waive its right to strike.

    That was also the reason for the beginning of the general strike in “Fiat Plastika” on February 18th.

    Bozovic said that the workers are familiar with only one part of the text of the Factory Act, which bears the significance of the Collective Agreement.

    “One part is hung on the bulletin board and refers to the reduction of recourse, meal allowances and harmonization of earnings with the inflation,” said Bozovic.

    Earlier, the trade union also pointed out that during negotiations with the employer, they had no insight in the Collective Agreement as well.

    Bozovic, who is also a member of the Strike Committee, stated with Beta that employees of “Fiat Plastika” will continue with general strike, as soon as their colleagues from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) return to work, which is expected on March 9th.

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