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    Toskic Cvetinovic: It is estimated that up to 1.5 billion euros per year are laundered in Serbia

    The construction and sale of real estate, organizing games of chance and trading in cryptocurrencies are recognized as the most suitable for money laundering, said executive director of the organization Partners Serbia, Ana Toskic Cvetinovic.

    „It is difficult to trace the amount that has been laundered in this or some other area,“ Toskic Cvetinovic said in the TV show Dan uzivo on N1 TV.

    However, as she said, the value of money laundered annually in Serbia is estimated to be between 1 billion and 1.5 billion euros.

    She also adds that Serbia, according to estimates, loses 60 million euros annually on tax evasion, which is a bad message for all business entities operating legally.

    Asked how successful Serbia is in curbing money laundering, she says – more than before. We have the law, a strategy, an action plan, and what should be improved is co-operation between different actors, Toskic Cvetinovic said.

    He says that it is very important that there is communication and she recalls the ‘list’ case, when a whole group of professional media, journalists, associations and activists were labelled as risky.

    We have never found out the criteria by which these associations and individuals were assessed as suspicious, nor do we have any information of whether there was an investigation or whether it was concluded, says Toskic Cvetinovic.

    Izvor: N1

    Foto: Pixabay

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