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    Three bn. euro-plan: Sewage and drinking water for EVERY village

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has announced that three billion euros will be invested in the construction of a sewage network throughout Serbia. „The intention is to build a sewerage network with screens throughout Serbia. It will be a completely different face of Serbia, the new Serbia,“ he said, specifying that, excluding Belgrade, three billion euros will be invested in the next four to five years. „This means that in four or five years, every village and town in Serbia will have sewage and clean drinking water,“ Vucic said in a public address regarding the five-year investment plan to be presented in the fall. According to him, „EUR 10 billion will easily be allocated for the investment strategy, and possibly even EUR 12 billion.“ According to him, projects for 43 municipalities have arrived so far, with Novi Sad, which will need EUR 127 million for these purposes, being at the top of the list by cost, followed by Kragujevac, Nis and other towns. Vucic also said that roads and railways were being built more than during Tito’s times.

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