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    The Chinese are employing in Bor and promising CLEAR sky

    The CEO of Zijin Bor Copper, Long Yi stated that the company will hire new workers in the coming period, increase production as well as improve technology in order to preserve the environment. At the central ceremony on the occasion of Miners’ Day in Bor on August 6th, he emphasized that Zijin has employed 280 new workers from Serbia since the beginning of year, but in the following period, besides increasing the number of workers and production, it will also increase dynamics of an overhaul and overburden in mines, and invest even more effort in the safety of miners. The company is rapidly working on project designing for the equipment for reduction of sulphur dioxide in waste gases from smelting facilities. „We expect project to be completed this month and construction to be accelerated, in order to meet waste gas standards,“ said Yi. He added that in the second half of the year, Zijin will commence reconstruction, expansion and construction of projects at the Copper Mine in Majdanpek and Bor based smelter, while investments in Veliki Krivelj, Jama and Novo Cerovo mines will commence as well. George Fang, the Chairman of the Zijin Supervisory Board in Serbia, emphasized a 100-year-old tradition of mining in Bor and stressed that Serbs and Chinese will „jointly build a perfect future“. The Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic said that Zijin had fulfilled expectations by taking over a majority stake in RTB and stressed that cathode copper production would be 26 percent higher this year than the year before. He also expects the exploitation of the Cukaru Peki copper mine near Bor to begin by no later than 2022. Zijin, formerly RTB Bor, that had 4,800 employees before privatization, now employs around 5,100 workers and salaries have increased as well.

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