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    „There is no QUARANTINE TOURISM in Serbia, the media should not spread untruths“

    Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic has said that in Serbia there is no so-called quarantine tourism, emphasizing that there are clear procedures for entering the country and asked the media not to spread untruths on the subject.

    „There is no quarantine tourism in Serbia, but only rules, procedures and standards, and we cannot decide which citizen from which country is welcome, who is not and for whom Serbia is closed, and for whom it is not,“ said Brnabic, when asked to comment on a large influx of people from India and other countries who use the visa-free regime and Serbia’s position on the green map.

    She emphasized that Serbia has clear procedures and it is well known who can enter the country, and the conditions are that someone has been vaccinated and that the state recognizes those vaccines.

    „If someone has not been vaccinated or we do not recognize those vaccines, then a 48-hour PCR test must be obtained, and we have introduced additional procedures for those who come from areas that are more risky at the moment, so we do additional PCR tests for them when they land. I primarily refer to the passengers from India. So, there is no quarantine tourism,“ Brnabic specified.

    She asked the media not to spread such news, adding that it is then broadcast and used by foreign media to attack Serbia.

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