The Russians are coming to check if Torlak can make "Sputnik V"

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    The Russians are coming to check if Torlak can make “Sputnik V”

    A delegation from Russia arrives at the Torlak Institute on Thursday to assess the technological and personnel capacities of the Institute for the production of “Sputnik V” vaccine.

    State Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Mirsad Djerlek, says that the wish of state authorities of Serbia and Russia is for the production of that vaccine to be realized in “Torlak”, and that presidents Aleksandar Vucic and Vladimir Putin recently talked about that.

    “The first phase could start in the next two or three months. It would be reflected in the fact that Torlak would fill and pack bottles and ampoules. The Ministry of Health secured funds for the purchase of a filling machine back in 2016,” Djerlek told reporters.

    The second phase would involve the construction of a new facility, which would have to meet all technical and technological requirements.

    “State authorities will try to ensure that we start with the first and second phase at the same time, in order to reach a final solution as soon as possible, and that is for Serbia to have a plant for the production of “Sputnik V” vaccine,” he said.

    The vaccine production capacities are planned to be large enough to satisfy not only the needs of Serbia, but also the region.

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