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    The owner of Auto Cacak also announces the arrival of Volkswagen

    Long-time dealer of Skoda in Serbia, the owner of Auto Cacak, Milenko Kostic, has told the Novosti daily that there is a likelihood of Volkswagen factory from Ukraine moving to Serbia.

    He says that this factory has not achieved the expected results in the production of the various car models of Skoda, one of the 12 brands of the world’s biggest car manufacturer.

    Kostic confirmed for the newspaper that important people from Volkswagen’s and Skoda’s management contacted him two days ago so that he would give them an assessment of the business environment in Serbia.

    „They asked me about average salaries, the training level of the workforce, in general, about everything related to business conditions. As the saying goes, there is smoke and we will know soon whether there will be fire. The fact is that we are ‘in the game’, but we are competing with Bulgaria, Turkey Romania… In this race, the offer of the state will be crucial. The Germans will go to the country that offers them more,“ he told the Novosti daily.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

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