The Japanese are building a factory and announcing good salaries

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    The Japanese are building a factory and announcing good salaries

    Mayekawa, a Japanese manufacturer of refrigeration systems, appliances and compressors, plans to build a production facility in Smederevo, according to the site of the City of Smederevo.

    At the beginning of 2018, this company bought land in the Industrial Zone in Smederevo.

    Mayor of Smederevo, Jasna Avramovic, met with the representatives of the Japanese company, and Mayekawa Serbia’s director, Zikica Andrejevic, pointed out that this facility will be built in three phases, according to the City of Smederevo.

    “After completing the first phase, we plan to employ 15 – 30 workers, next year 30 – 70, then 70 – 100, and at the end more than 200 workers. Our goal is to slowly conquer production, because it is a highly responsible, complicated and high-tech product that will be installed in Smederevo.

    Already located in the Industrial Zone is the company from Smederevo Em Dip pro team, which will produce pressure vessels for the needs of Mayekawa SRB, which, in cooperation with the company Klima, gives the whole project an added value, ” said Andrejevic. He said that they are satisfied that such a large corporation will have its own hall in their city and that it will expand its production.

    “In the first phase, a 2.000 square meter hall will be built, the second and the following phase envisages the construction of even more production space, so we expect at the end of the project about 6,000 square meters and employment of about 200 to 300 workers. Of course, it’s about specific crafts, crafts that are well paid, ” Andrejevic told.


    Foto: Pixabay

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