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    „The fact that someone has not paid taxes for 5 years is also the responsibility of the Tax Administration.“

    The number of self-assessment tax returns filed electronically has doubled, according to the Information Booklet of the Tax Administration. Such tax returns should be submitted by freelancers who earn income from abroad.

    In October, 3,020 such tax returns were submitted, while in the same month last year, there were 1,616. Throughout 2020, that number was around 1,500 tax returns per month, the Politika daily reports.

    Goran Radosavljevic, professor of FEFA Faculty, says that an increase in self-assessment tax returns may mean nothing. This indicates that a certain number of people responded to the call of the Tax Administration, but nothing more than that.

    If the amount of taxes paid was known, then we would know whether 1,500 tax returns were filed for the amounts of 50 euros each or if one large taxpayer actually showed up and paid the tax..

    In his opinion, the Ministry of Finance should meet with freelancers and solve this problem in the long run. They should be recognized as a specific group and a place within the tax system should be found for them. That would be fair for both sides.

    Radosavljevic says that this should not be equated with the story about flat taxpayers and that their debt was not written off but reprogrammed.

    Izvor: Politika

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