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    The cult restaurant Manjez is offered for sale

    Expo Bank has announced the sale of the cult restaurant Manjez in Belgrade, based on the activated mortgage, reports the Politika daily.

    Last year, the Czech bank bought Cypriot Marfin Bank, therefore, according to the newspaper, there is no doubt that this refers to a loan and an activated mortgage from their time. The Bank published a call for bids in the newspaper advertisement, which means that it did not opt for sale at an auction, and through the advertisement, it offered for sale 185 square metres on the ground floor of the building.

    There are more and more apartments, houses, commercial properties, fields, forests for which the bank launched a mortgage, due to the failure to pay loan instalments. There is no accurate data on the number of activated mortgages, because not all such loans are secured by the National Housing Loan Insurance Corporation (NKOSK). They provide insurance for housing loans, but not for business loans, for which someone put up an apartment, a house or a commercial property as collateral.

    Banks advertise sale in newspapers, on their websites, and there are also specialised websites. It is not difficult to conclude that that there are thousands of seized properties and that banks have become the biggest property traders. However, buying from a bank can prove to be a good business deal, because, in the initial offer, the starting price is 70 percent of the estimated value, but often the real estate is not sold in the first round, and each subsequent auction reduces the price. Thus, it turns out that real estate is bought for a third of the value. Thus, a square meter can be bought for less than 50 euros, in villages, or up to 1,000 euros in the centre of Belgrade, the Politika daily reports.

    Izvor: Politika

    Foto: Manjež.rs

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