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    Novac, Srbija

    The citizen with the highest income in 2021 earned RSD 2.115 billion

    The citizen who reported the highest income realized in 2021 to the tax authorities earned RSD 2.115 billion, which is almost EUR 18 million or EUR 17.99 million euros to be exact. And that, reduced to a monthly level – is around EUR 1.5 million per month. As announced by the Serbian Tax Administration, the reported incomes of the top one hundred taxpayers with the highest incomes range from around RSD 100 million, up to the above-mentioned RSD 2.115 billion.

    As a reminder, only a year earlier the highest reported incomes were significantly lower, thus the richest citizen of Serbia earned almost EUR 11 million in 2020.

    Citizens with the highest incomes in Serbia are managers, directors, engineers, economists, and lawyers, as these are the most frequently reported occupations in tax returns.

    The lawyer appeared at the top of the highest-paid professions for the first time – last year.

    The Serbian Tax Administration has announced today that it received a total of 34,753 applications for determining the annual personal income tax for 2021.

    A total of 43 percent of applications were received electronically, through the Tax Administration portal.

    The share of men in this statistic is – not declining. This year, just like last year, 91 percent of registered citizens with high incomes are male. In 2020, the share of women was only slightly higher – 12 percent, while now it is nine percent.

    This means that among the 34,753 registered citizens of Serbia, who earned more than three average Serbian wages – as many as 31,625 are men, while only 3,128 are women.

    Citizens who in 2021 earned an income of more than RSD 3.26 million dinars, i.e. more than three times the average annual salary per employee paid in Serbia in that year, had the obligation to report the annual income tax, according to the data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, it is stated is in the announcement.

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    Foto: Pixabay

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