The Chinese Really Want RTB Bor – Several Hundred Million Investment Pending

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    The Chinese Really Want RTB Bor – Several Hundred Million Investment Pending

    Representatives of the Chinese Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd. have confirmed that they have serious development plans both for the RTB Bor Company and the region. They intend to invest several hundred million dollars in the modernization and the restructuring of the company in line with the highest world standards.

    Zijin is one of the biggest producers of gold in China, the second biggest producer of copper ore and the third biggest producer of zinc ore.

    According to its representatives, the group intends to become a leading international mining company by establishing a balance between its own development plans and environmental protection, while providing benefits to employees, investors and communities where it does business.

    They added that the company strives to ensure for its employees a safe and healthy work environment, as well as good career development conditions.


    The Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic said earlier that his government would consider a company ready to inject between $300 million and $330 million in RTB Bor.

    He added that the state would keep a portion of the company’s shares, but would not necessarily be a majority shareholder. The plan is to secure significant investments in new mining shafts, increase the production of copper to 80,000 tons annually and maintain existing employment levels. Companies from China, Russia and Canada have all shown interest in RTB Bor.

    RTB Bor is currently operating positively and is one of the 15 biggest exporters from Serbia.

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