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    Tesla’s concessionaire is under mortgage

    The company Vinci Airports has pledged its company for the management of Belgrade Airport – Vinci Airports Serbia – for a loan worth 500 million euros, it is stated in the collateral registry of the Business Registers Agency.

    The basic amount of the secured claim is 500 million euros, and the maximum amount of the claim is one billion euros, it is stated in the collateral certified by a public notary and registered on December 20, 2018.

    Investment expert Milan Kovacevic recalls that the state was searching in a tender for a large and well-known airport management company with high revenues, and now it could happen that, if the company does not repay the loan, a bank takes over the management of the airport.

    „We run the risk of the company that signed the concession contract ceasing to manage the airport at some point. If they do not repay the loan, we can get a bank or someone else who does not know anything about airports.“

    This loan of 500 million euros, which is also the amount of the one-time concession fee that Vinci was obliged to pay in order to take over the management of the airport, was provided by several banks and international financial institutions.

    Although Prime Minister Ana Brnabic promised that, as soon as Vinci paid the fee, the concession contract would be released, this has not yet happened.

    Izvor: Danas

    Foto: Pixabay

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