Tender for “Luka Novi Sad” extended

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    Tender for “Luka Novi Sad” extended

    Serbian Ministry of Economy today once again extended the deadline for submission of bids for the tendering procedure for the sale of a 99.4 percent of shares of “Luka Novi Sad” at the initial price of around EUR15.98 million.

    The new application deadline for participation in the tender is November 21st and opening of the bids is scheduled for November 23rd.

    Eligible companies are those that have been continuously in the port-related business for the past ten years, with at least EUR30 million worth of income in 2017 and reloading of 1.4 million tons of goods in each of the past three years.

    “Luka Novi Sad” is the only port in Serbia where state is the majority owner, it reloads around a million tons of goods a year, and its capacities exceed 2.5 million tons. Around 150 people work in that company.

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