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    Taxi in Novi Sad rises in price, start spiked by a third

    Taxi in Novi Sad has increased in price, so the start of a ride will cost RSD 190, instead of the previous RSD 140, according to the portal

    Depending on the tariff, taxi fares went up by 10% to 15%, although the biggest increase is recorded when it comes to the price of a start.

    The start price increased from RSD 140 to 190, while a kilometre in the first tariff increases in price from RSD 65 to 75. In the second, night tariff, a kilometre will now cost RSD 85, instead of the previous RSD 78.

    For the third tariff, which refers to suburban and holiday rides, a kilometre will be RSD 120, which is an increase by RSD 10.

    The new prices will start to apply in the upcoming days, most likely from Monday, by when the taximeters are planned to be adjusted.

    Novi Sad taxi drivers have been requesting price adjustment for months, given the fuel price hike, but it has only been approved now.

    In recent years, the City Council established the practice of harmonizing minimum prices once a year, in December.

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    Foto: Pixabay

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